Cabinet Painting

We can expect a pricey makeover when it comes to bathroom / washroom or kitchen cabinet restorations, especially when installing new cabinets. When opposed to acquiring new cabinets, Day And Night Painters can paint and restore your old cabinets for a fraction of the cost.
When compared to a comprehensive kitchen cabinet replacement, refacing kitchen cabinets is a more cost-effective option. Changing the hardware, like hinges and pulls, as well as painting or staining your cabinets, may make an immediate difference and improve the overall aesthetic.

Our skilled professional painters restore kitchen or bathroom cabinets swiftly and efficiently. To refinish kitchen cabinets successfully, careful planning is essential. It’s crucial to make sure the original cabinets are in good shape before painting them. Our professionals will remove the doors and panels and prepare them for painting with your chosen finish once the cabinets have been inspected and cleared for work. Our high-quality products will be used to repair and stain or finish areas of the cabinet frames that require attention.

The procedure:

Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Services Prices

The cost of your cabinet refinishing and painting services will be determined by a number of factors. The amount of doors and drawers, as well as the cabinet size, are important considerations. Other considerations include whether you want to stain or paint, whether you want them installed on-site or removed, and the duration of the project. The majority of kitchen cabinet renovations are either painting or refinishing.

Customers who want to keep their current layout and storage might benefit from our cabinet refinishing service in Toronto. All layouts and designs will be preserved, making the process substantially faster and less expensive than installing new cabinets.
The design and style of your cabinets will change dramatically with new hardware and a high-quality finish, making your kitchen look modern and new.