Exterior Painting

If the siding’s color has faded and the deck color has lost its edge, why don’t you book an exterior house painting Woodbridge service at our company? As you likely know, there are two challenging – and very annoying, things about exterior surfaces. They get weathered rather fast and they need good paints to be resistant. Let us add one more thing here. Treating exterior surfaces to prep them for the finishing coating is challenging too. The size of the building, even if not very big, doesn’t make such projects any less challenging either. Let us spare you the hassle, the stress, the headaches involved in such jobs. If you seek an expert team, a contractor, a specialize exterior painter in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge or anywhere in and around GTA, we are the company to call.

Exterior house painting projects are truly challenging and demanding, they are not to us. Let us point out that we have a huge experience in this business. To top it off, we have the equipment, the means, the crew to meet all needs – will you consider it arrogant if we said that our team exceeds expectations? You see, we really do and will tell you how we do that, every time.

We have experience with all materials and thus, all exterior surfaces – whether concrete, metal, or brick, are meticulously prepped and perfectly painted.
Aware that not all paints are suitable for all materials or for the exterior, for that matter, we do choose accordingly. Your wooden deck, the composite fence, the metal siding, the stucco walls are all painted with the suitable (for the material) coatings. With paints perfect for the exterior, having as our intention their longevity.

The entire job, from the preparatory stage to the finishing phase, is done by truly experienced painters. And each exterior house painter works with the correct equipment and knows how to prep and finish all surfaces.

Assign the exterior painting to us & see your home transformed

For your complete peace of mind, each home painter doesn’t stand on his own. The job is collective. There’s a team, which is also monitored and supervised by a contractor. Everything is planned and everything is done in an organized way. Breathe easy.

Since they are weathered, exterior surfaces are demanding. But we are persistent. What’s more, the whole team here at Day and Night Painters Brampton are updated with all industry novelties, changes, and innovations. We bring in the most modern methods, the best coatings, the higher quality of all things to ensure the excellence of the job. And we focus on prepping the surfaces well with lots of sanding, washing, scraping, fixing.